Serving San Diego since 1985, at MGE we specialize in providing our customers with professional service and products at the best value. We are a Fender and Martin showcase dealer and also feature a huge selection of guitars by other reputable brands like Guild, Godin, Seagull and Cordoba.


  • many types of guitar parts and accessories
  • ukeleles in all sizes
  • harmonicas in all keys
  • electronics
  • amps
  • drums and drum accessories
  • microphones and stands
  • and a whole lot more

Our Brands

Mark's Guitar Exchange

Yelp Reviews

"Mark is one of the few people in town with actual inventory of quality guitars. I was lucky to chance upon his store as he was the only one with an American Telecaster in the color I wanted. Mark is a very interesting guy and was awesome to talk to while he took the extra time to properly restring and setup my new guitar (pro-bono). I'll be coming back!"

"Mark is a good egg and knows his stuff....this is a store that feels and operates with a local vibe....what it does not have in big space it gains in musical knowledge....Mark actually understands guitars...have never had a bad experience, buying, having repairs made, or asking for reputable advice. It is great to see a dedicated local shop that is rightfully supported by it's community."

"Mark took my Les Paul, put proper gauge strings on it, cut the nut to the right height, and set the intonation, which transformed it into the instrument that it should have been all along but wasn't. It is now magnificent! He was able to assess what needed to be done in just a couple of minutes, then he did a flawless job on it. There aren't too many people these days who can do that. Guitar Trader (RIP) tried and couldn't. If you need to have your guitar set up properly or repaired, don't roll the dice on some tech working in a big-box music store. Just take it to Mark and know that it will be done right and for a good price. It's a no-brainer. Lucky us. Thanks, Mark!"